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Authentiek. Bio. Wild.

Handgeplukte, zuivere, losse blaadjes van de Sinensis-theeplant.

biochi provides all six sorts of loose tea leaves from the Sinensis tea plant. It has Green tea, Oolong tea, Black(Hong) tea, White tea, Yellow tea and Dark tea like Pu'erh etc... In Biochi tea-lovers are guided to taste the authentic flavour of tea as a gourmet. The combination of our calm environment, our exceptional tea and natural therapy will preserve customer's well-being as well as bring them in harmony with nature.

Adres: Stationsstraat 10A 9100 Sint-Niklaas

Maandag - Donderdag: 14u - 18u
Zaterdag: 10u - 18u
Zondag: Gesloten

Telefoon: +32485 99 58 86

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